The best possible location for an Istanbul trip.

Location Overview:

The best possible location for an Istanbul trip..

Alzer Hotel, is the only hotel located at the center of the historical hippodrome!

The Hippodrome, today named Sultanahmet Square, dates from the 3rd century AD. With a seating capacity of 30,000, it was used for sporting and political events, and decorated with obelisks and monuments.

The 3500-year old Obelisk, Istanbul's oldest monument, was brought from Egypt and installed by the Emperor Theodosius I in 390 AD.


from Ataturk Airport

By train

Ataturk Airport -Hotel Directions for independent travel from Ataturk Airport (IST/LTBA) to Alzer Hotel Metro - from the airport to Zeytinburnu (Interchange station), exit the metro station, change metro to tram in Zeytinbunrnu tram station and take off at Sultanahmet, after the take of the tram turn your face towards Blue Mosque, walk down the hill into Sultanahmet sqaure, turn the right side walk to Alzer hotel about 200 Meters.

By bus

You can also take a Shuttle Bus from the Airport to Aksaray where you can transfer easily to the tram to Sultanahmet. * We advise you not to take a taxi (you may be overcharged and taken around the city first). We are ready to help you and provide all the information you need to make your stay in Istanbul as enjoyable as possible.

from Sabiha Gokcen

By bus

Taxi ( 40-45 Euro ) or take a Shuttle bus to Taksim and then a taxi to Sultanahmet We advise you not to take a taxi (you may be overcharged and taken around the city first). We are ready to help you and provide all the information you need to make your stay in Istanbul as enjoyable as possible..


Sites around Alzer Hotel Istanbul

  • Archaeology Museum
    The İstanbul Archaeological Museums, which is housing various artifacts from civilizations that had left their traces to different periods of the history, is one of the 10 most important world-class
  • Blue Mosque
    The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is an historic mosque in Istanbul. The mosque is popularly known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior. It was built from 1609 to 1616, durin
  • Topkapi Palace
    Istanbul's history dates back to 633 B.C. when Doric settlers from Megara founded a small, commercial colony here that became known as Byzantine. Two major constraints dictated the location of ancient
  • Ataturk Airport
    Istanbul Atatürk Airport is the main international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey and the biggest airport in Turkey for total passenger. Opened in 1924 and located in Yesilköy, on the European sid
  • Hagia Sophia
    Hagia Sophia is a great architectural beauty and an important monument both for Byzantine and for Ottoman Empires. Once a church, later a mosque, and now a museum at the Turkish Republic, Hagia Sophia
  • Basilica Cistern
    One of the magnificent historical constructions of Istanbul is the Basilica Cistern, located near south-west of Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia). This huge cistern, which was founded by Justinianus I, a Byzant
  • Sabiha Gokcen
    Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is one of the two international airports serving İstanbul, Turkey. The facility is named after Sabiha Gökçen, the first female combat pilot in the world

Transfer Service:

Comfortable transfer with private car

Thank you very much for choosing Alzer Hotel for your accommodations during your visit to our amazing city.

If you book through our website we provide free one way transportation from Ataturk Airport with a minimum 3 night stay.

For stays less than 3 nights Airport-Hotel transportation rates as above.

We are sorry that we do not provide free transportation if you booked through other websites or booking portals

We do not provide free transportation from Sabiha Gokcen.


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